Kalaukoa,  Kaulukoa

Kaulukoa is composed of the words Ka (the); Ulu (forest); and Koa (koa tree). When combined, it translates as “the koa forest.”

The koa tree is an endemic Hawaiian plant that only exists in Hawaiʻi. This tree can grow to a height of thirty meters, and live for hundreds of years. Koa is one of the most important trees and typically makes up the canopy for a native Hawaiian forest, alongside the ʻōhiʻa tree.

Since the koa is a beautiful and dense wood, it is also an important and highly valuable resource for ancient and modern Hawaiʻi. The wood can be crafted into beautiful and sturdy ʻukulele, guitars, canoes, as well as weapons of war. It is by this association with war that word koa can also be translated as “warrior,” or “courage.”

The Koa is the incarnation of Laka, goddess of Hula

The branches of the koa tree are also a physical representation of the goddess of hula and of the forest, Laka. These branches are given as an offering to Laka in hopes that the hula dancers become as brave and as strong as the koa tree.

The koa tree is special to the Kalaukoa family as it is found in their name. The Kalaukoa family are made up of chiefs, warriors, priests, and hula teachers who strive to embody the powerful qualities of this wonderful Hawaiian tree. 

As the source of inspiration, Kumu Keliʻi wishes to propagate the teachings of his family in hopes that it continues on and disseminates throughout Japan in the world like a “forest of koa trees” (Kaulukoa). May the family knowledge grow strongly and continue on through the centuries alongside the koa tree.

Share family traditions, expand it like Koa Forest

Kaulukoa’smotto Hoʻokahi Kumu, Hoʻokahi Mole, means “one tree, one root.”

Kumu Keliʻi has always been inspired by the powerful representation of the koa tree. Though this tree grows tall and wide, it can only do so based on the health of itʻs root system, itʻs foundation.

The word “kumu” can also be translated as “origin,” and the word “mole,” can be translated as “source.” It then gives a second meaning; “one origin, one source.” As we are human beings, we all come from one source of being. 

Kumu Keliʻi firmly believes in the value of Lōkahi, or “harmony,” and promotes this value using Hawaiian culture as a bridge between Hawaiʻi, Japan, and the whole world. With his love for foreign cultures and history, Kumu Keliʻi hopes that you not only explore in-depth the Hawaiian culture, but your own culture as well. When you discover who you are and where you came from, you will realize that we are all more similar than we are different.

We are all one, and we are all rooted in “aloha.”

Koa leaves, natural environment…

This logo, which symbolizes the Kaulukoa is created to express leaves of Koa tree.

It also looks like a snail, shell, lunar cycle of the moon, and the circle symbolizes a never-ending and enduring existence.

This logo,  as Kaulukoa symbol, expresses the harmony between human and nature and to express how important for use to become one with the nature.

Simple but containing the holy existence of nature, this logo is a symbol of the existence of kumu.