Measures against new coronal infections in face-to-face classes

We will consider and determine the start of face-to-face lessons while confirming the state of emergency and the spread of the new coronal infection throughout Japan at Kaulcore.

For those who only want face-to-face lessons, those who have not been able to participate in the lessons for a long time without an environment for online lessons, we will establish a system so that we can meet your wishes as much as possible.

When the meeting begins, we ask that you thoroughly comply with the following items, ensure that participants fully understand them, and cooperate in holding safe and secure classes.

  • Limit the number of participants to about 1/2-2/3 of the number of participants in the host studio, and take care not to closely match each other.
  • Participants will be treated for body temperature measurement and alcohol disinfection with a non-contact temperature detector before entering the studio.
  • All students wear masks. (Kum wears a face shield depending on the situation.)
  • For the time being, zoom will broadcast live in-person lessons so that you can participate both face-to-face and online.
  • Students should not hesitate to miss lessons if they experience symptoms such as not feeling well or developing a fever on the day.
  • Kum and the accompanying staff regularly undergo PCR tests and hold lessons after confirming that they are negative during face-to-face lessons.

Please ensure that not only the staff at Kum and the accompanying staff, but also everyone complies with the above and cooperate in preventing the spread of infectious diseases.