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FAQ(partial excerpt)

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Where is the lesson studio?

The lesson venue will be available to those who apply separately.

Brief locations are listed in Hula lesson pages. The ‘Auana Workshop is the same as the Hula lesson venue.

Can I receive ordered Goods at lesson?

If you specify in the remarks column at the time of purchase that you would like to hand over at the time of the lesson, it is possible for Kum or the support staff to bring it and hand it over.

However, shipping charges are not free because we will need to deliver your order from the product storage location to Kumu or support staff. Please be aware of this only in advance.

Can I post photos of Kumu on SNS?

Only Official students can post photos of Kumu on SNS and website, other people cannot post photos of Kumu on SNS or homepage for any reason. In addition, even if you inform us in advance, we can not issue permission to post. Please note that legal action may be taken if unauthorized posting is granted.

Any material hand outs in advance?

All the classes, lessons and courses offered by Kumu Keli’i are as much as possible, taking in the Hawaiian style and the ancient style of learning that Kumu himself has learned.

Therefore, there is little prior distribution of materials. Lyrics notes used in Auana Workshop and Harlau Workshop will be distributed in advance.

Materials used in the culture course will be provided with archive videos after the lesson. Students will be provided with the materials used in the academic course in advance.

Can I have a receipt?

Basically, it is based on changing the details of credit card payment to the receipt, and there is no separate receipt issuance, but we plan to provide it as soon as a system is in place that allows you to print and save receipts etc. from my account by yourself. (Time undecided). In cases other than card payment, receipts are basically not issued. It is in the form that you have you replace the application details with the receipt. We will guide you as the system is in place and the receipt issuance function is added.

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