Usage guide

Application for each lesson and workshop, purchase of goods are all in the upper menu
[All Products].

You can also browse each classes, goods by category on the left menu.

To apply and purchase, you need to register as a member (free registration, paid member).

If the application / purchase button is not shown,

● Kaulukoa members, Free members and those who have an account

Please log in (After you log in, the application / purchase button will be displayed)

● Those who have not yet registered an account

Please Sign-Up a new account. When you register as a new member, you will be automatically registered as a Free member, and you can apply and purchase at the list price.

If you wish to apply or purchase at a discounted price, please continue to register as Kaulukoa member (annual membership fee of 3,300 yen).

After you check out, your member status will be changed to Kaulukoa Member from Free Member and you’ll see a discounted price.


Walk-in One time Fee or Subscription for the Courses,Lessons.

 Walk-in, One-time Enrollement

  • The regular application is a method of choosing and applying for the class, lesson, and course you want to participate in each time. (One-time enrollement)For hula classes, courses, and Auana workshops, you can choose from either regular applications (one-off participation) or regular applications (subscriptions).

 Recurring Enrollement

  • A recurring application (subscription) is an application category that applies mainly to hula classes and some courses and workshops.


  • What is a recurring enrollement?
  • Once you apply, you will be confirmed to participate in classes, workshops, and courses that you have automatically applied for (payment) without applying.
  • Payments will continue after the second time, with the payment method and interval you registered at the time of the first application.
  • Only Uluaʻe class will be subscribed to 1 set 18 classes, but otherwise it will continue.
  • You can pause or cancel your subscription yourself from your My Account. (Courses and workshops cannot be cancelled for a certain period of time)

Purchase goods that need to be shipped

You can shop for archived video DVDs for ʻAuana WS participants, as well as other Kaulukoa goods, Hawaiian goods, etc. just like a typical online shop.

In order to purchase goods, user registration (free sign-up) is required.

If you register as Kaulukoa member (annual membership fee of 3,300 yen), you can apply and purchase all services, classes, and goods offered by Kaulukoa at a discounted price.

If you purchase goods that need to be shipped, you’ll receive an email notification when shipping is complete, and my account can track your package at any time.

What are Kaulukoa members?

Kaulukoa Member Registration

The following payment methods are available on this site.

【Credit card payment】【Convenience store payment】【Electronic money】

【Online payment】【Bank transfer (excluding some products)]

* Please note that the payment method that can be used for hula class [subscription], various annual membership fees, is
only [online payment] and [credit card payment].
All payment methods are available for other purchasing.

Credit card payment

Recurring Payment (regular application, annual membership fee)

Available credit cards

When placing an order, please enter your credit card information after selecting your payment method.


Number of payments

The number of payments is only one payment. Installments are not available.
* Depending on your credit card, revolving payment may apply.


  • After the payment approval of the credit company, it will be the shipment of the product (e-mail delivery, application confirmation).
  • Because the operation of this store site uses STRIPE service, the details of the credit card are described as “STRIPE” (or stripe) or “KAULUKOA HAWAII”, which is the name of the payment agency system.

Convenience store payment

Available to pay at convenience stores

After completing your order, we will send you an email to confirm your order.

  • In this email, you will find the “payment slip number” and “reception number” required at the time of payment, as well as the payment procedure at the convenience store.
  • Please follow the instructions provided at the convenience store within 3 days (your application will be automatically cancelled after the payment deadline).

* Depending on the convenience store you used, it may take some time to deliver.
* Komoju Co., Ltd., the name of the payment system of this store, is displayed on the order confirmation screen. Please check.
※ Payment exceeding 300,000 yen is not possible
※ A convenience store settlement fee of 190 yen is required separately to use convenience store payment.

It cannot be used for subscription, member annual fee payment, or official student annual fee.

Mobile Payment

Available e-money

At the time of ordering, after selecting a payment method, you will be asked to log in to each e-money site, so please proceed to the payment procedure after logging in.

It cannot be used for regular application (subscription), member annual fee payment, official student annual membership fee.

Online payments

Recurring (regular application, annual membership fee) correspondence

Online payments available

After selecting “PayPal” or “Amazon Pay” as your payment method, you will see the login screen of each. After that, please follow the on-screen instructions to pay.

Bank transfer

Since we use the payment system KOMOJU, please transfer within 7 days to the transfer address described in the email automatically sent after the order is completed.

You can also use Pay-Easy, which allows you to send money online.

Learn more about Pay Easy

It cannot be used for regular application (subscription), member annual fee payment, official student annual membership fee.

Discounted Gift Card (Prepaid Coupon)

Use a great discount voucher (prepaid) to purchase lessons, workshops, and collectibles.

However, it is not possible to apply or purchase by the following combination.

Not available for subscription, member annual fee payment, or official student annual fee.

❌ if your subscription and general products are in your shopping basket at the same time (not). (In this case, you can use the discount voucher for general products by separating the regular application and the other separately.)

Gift card – voucher (not available)

Shipping Fee

There is no shipping fee for applying for hula classes, workshops, and various courses.

Shipping fee is only required for orders that require shipping such as goods (Kaulukoa goods, Hawaiian goods) and archive videos.

●Shipment by >>
Japan Postal service such as DVD and T-shirt [postage 200 yen]

●Other >>
Shipped by Kuroneko Yamato [500 yen flat rate within Japan]

Free Shipping for orders more than 10,000 yen


● For those that are in stock, we will ship within 2 business days from the order date.

● When the product is shipped, it will be sent by email with the tracking number, and you can check the delivery status.

– In the case of custom order, etc., we will contact you separately with the delivery schedule.

Products that need to be delivered can be specified at the delivery date and time.

● Delivery date designation> Can be specified from the third day or later of the order date.

● Delivery time zone designation > Applies only when delivering by courier. (Small post-in packages will not be activated if specified.)


●Cancellation, return, exchange

【Cancellation of class/ course】

No cancellation is accepted for Hula classes, Workshops, other courses. If you cancel, there will be no distribution of archived videos or distribution of materials used in canceled classes.

If you are absent due to circumstances on the day and do not wish to cancel (refund processing), we will distribute archived videos. Even if you are absent, you can check the contents of the class online via archive videos at a later date.

Therefore, there is basically no class cancellation, or transfer to other classes . If you are absent = We will distribute archived videos of the absent class without transferring on another day.

However, if the class is canceled due to irregular reasons such as just before the schedule of the secretariat or Kumu, or cancellation of the class due to corona, we will respond to the transfer to the next class. In that case, we will contact the relevant person in advance.

【Cancellation of goods after purchase】
Cancellation is possible only before the product is shipped. Cancellations cannot be made after the product has been shipped.

Returns and exchanges (of goods)
Will be accepted only for defective products. We do not accept returns or exchanges after receiving the goods.


Please CHECK FAQ as well