What you can do on the My Account page

    • Check member ranks
    • Change your email address
    • Change your first and last name
    • Change of registered address
    • Change password
    • Past order history
    • Periodic application history and changes
    • Download materials
    • List of favorites added
    • List of online learnings you are taking
    • Delete account (all data will be deleted)


  • You cannot change your username. If you want to change your username, delete your account and re-register. (The username is usually a registered email address.)
  • If you delete your account, all registered past orders and online courses will be deleted, so if you want to change only your email address, please change it from the email address change column.

About profile pages 

Click the top left icon of my account to go to your profile page.

This page will be your profile page when you use it as a place to interact with Cowlcore members in the member forum in the future and as a communication network for each class.

When the member forum starts running, please set it as you like.

Profile page