About Class Participation

Where are face-to-face lessons held?

Information regarding to the lesson venue will be sent to those who apply to a class or workshop.

Hula lessons are outlined on the Lessons page. ʻAuana workshops will take place in the same venue as regular hula classes.

Is the location of the face-to-face lesson fixed?

Unlike before, we take into consideration the prevention of the spread of Covid-19 infections and strive to arrange a wide range of venues according to the number of participants.

We select as wide a venue as possible and try to make it the same venue every time a class is held.

Kaulukoa currently does not have its own studio, so the venue may not necessarily be the same from month-to-month.

I can't participate on the day of the class, can you deliver the archive video?

All those who apply will receive an archive video of the class regardless of whether they are able to attend that day. (Hula class only: 1 month)

Culture courses, etc. will be shared according to the materials used in the class and related video links.

Even in the above cases where you can not fully participate on the day, you are able to leave partially through the class and we will deliver the archived video by applying.

Can I take Kumu Keliʻi lessons for the first time?

Kumu Keliʻi presides over Kaulukoa, but Kaulukoa is not a hālau.

We open our doors to everyone and share Kumu’s teachings. Anyone can take each class; however, some classes may have certain requirements for may be of high difficulty.

Is it ok to teach students the songs and choreography that I learned?

You can teach your students about choreography, songs, lyrics translations, etc. directly taught by Kumu.

However, if you are teaching a third party other than a student (an unspecified number of people), please let the organization know in advance the unique situation in which you will teach.

Permission is usually automatically granted by Kumu at the time of the lesson, so no separate permission is necessary besides reasons that were stated in the preceding paragraph.

You may also participate in competitions, events, and hōʻike with the choreography you have learned. In that case, we would appreciate it if you could inform us of the details of the events. (It’s not for permission, but because it’s a pleasure for Kumu Keliʻi to know where his hula are being performed.)

Is there a pre-handout for the courses I attend?

All the classes, lessons and courses offered by Kumu Keliʻi are taught in the ancient style that he learned as much as possible.

Therefore, there are little prior distribution of materials. Lyrics notes used in ʻAuana workshops and Hālau workshops will be distributed in advance.

Materials used in the culture courses will be provided with archive videos after the lesson. Students will be provided with the materials used in the academic course in advance.

Does Auana Workshops come with a DVD?

For private online WS, we will mail a DVD copy at a later date and deliver Youtube archived videos immediately after the lesson.

As for the ʻAuana Workshop, it is only for archival video distribution by YOUTUBE, and for those who need a DVD, we send it an additional fee of 1000 yen including postage.

Is Kaulukoa a hālau ?

Kaulukoa is not a hālau organization. Kumu Keliʻi is not limited to a hālau, but because he wants to teach everyone. In addition, the reason why he currently does not have halau is that he still lives his daily life while constantly rehearsing and reviewing the hula and traditions that he has inherited from ancient times.

We hope that those who are currently studying in other hālau will be able to open their doors and gain new knowledge from Kumu Keliʻi.

About the Goods

Can I receive my purchased goods at the time of the lesson?

If you specify in the remarks column at the time of purchase that you would like to receive your purchased goods at the time of the lesson, it is possible for Kumu or the support staff to bring it and hand it over directly.

However, shipping charges are not free because ordered products will still need to be delivered from the product storage location to Kumu or support staff. Please be aware of this extra shipping fee.

Can anyone purchase Kaulukoa T shirts?

Yes. Even if you are not participating in lessons or courses, you can purchase goods just like any regular shopping site.

There are not only Kaulukoa merchandise, but we also have miscellaneous Hawaiian goods that can be bought by anyone as well.

However, a user registration (sign-up) is required to purchase. In addition, by registering as a Kaulukoa member, you can purchase and apply for lessons, including merchandise, at a discounted price. Please consider registering as a member.

Kaulukoa T-shirt is for lessons only?

Kaulukoa T-shirts are worn in hula lessons, but they are not sold as T-shirts only for lesson students.

If you like the design, please wear it as everyday wear by all means.

You can purchase and wear it regardless of Kaulukoa member or free member.


Can I get a receipt for the lesson I have just applyed for?

Basically, it is based on changing the details of credit card payment to the receipt, and there is no separate receipt issuance, but we plan to provide it as soon as a system is in place that allows you to print and save receipts etc. from my account by yourself. (Time undecided).

In cases other than credit card payment(s), receipts are basically not issued. However, it should be displayed upon your credit card statement.  We will guide you when the system is in place and the receipt issuance function is added.

Can I introduce a photo of Kumu on SNS or homepage?

Only official students who are doing business with Kumu can post photos of Kumu on SNS and website, other people cannot post photos of Kumu on SNS or homepage for any reason.

In addition, even if you inform us in advance, you can not issue permission to post. Please note that legal action may be taken if unauthorized posting is granted.

Can I have a guide to my trip to Hawaii?

Only media, corporate, official students and their hālau students (as well as families) can ask Kumu to guide them on a trip to Hawaiʻi.

We generally do not accept requests from the general public other than the above, as well as other students other than official students.