What is member registration?

The Kaulukoa whole website is browsable for everyone without member registration.

Member registration is required for the following page and various applications and purchases.

●Member-only page

● Kaulukoa Community (information about Hawaiian culture, hawaii photo downloads, etc.)

● All lessons, course applications, purchase of goods

If you wish to use the above services, please register as a member.

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Member registration includes free members (free registration) and Kaulukoa members (annual membership fee of 3,300 yen).

Restrictions on the use of the site by member
  Hula Class Workshop Other courses and goods purchase Use of the Resource Center
Non-members (no member registration) Browse only ◉ Browse only ◉ Browse only ◉ Inaccessible❌
Free members (free registration) Browse only ◉ Application possible (list price) Application possible (list price) Inaccessible❌
Kaulukoa Member (annual membership fee 3,300 yen) Yes

10-20% OFF

10%OFF Accessible

Kaulukoa Member Registration Procedure

    1. Register as a new user (free member registration)
    2. Pay the Cowlcore Member Annual Fee
    3. Automatically changed to Kaulukoa member
    4. Discounted prices are displayed on the application and purchase page

Kaulukoa Members

Kaulukoa Members are a member system that allows you to apply for 10% discount on all classes, workshops, services, and goods purchases by paying an annual membership fee of 3,300 yen after member registration.

If you are participating in a hula class (Beginner Kupuaʻe, Intermediate Uluaʻe / Kaipukukui, Advanced Ulumauaʻe), you need to register as a Kaulukoa member even if you participate in one-off participation or trial participation. 

  Kaulukoa Members Free Members
Annual membership fee 3,300 yen Without
Classes available All classes Non-hula class
Tuition Discount Benefits Yes (10-20% discount) Without
Buy discount coupons Available Not
Member Registration Benefits First year of membership registration, T-shirt and mask free gift Without
Member Forum Available Yes (with some restrictions)


Register Kaulukoa member
Types of Kaulukoa Members
Kaulukoa Member who paid annual membership fee and does not belong to any hula classes
Kaulukoa Kupua’e Taking a Kupuae class
Kaulukoa Ulua’e During Uluaʻe Class (ʻAuana WS Special Discount)
Kaulukoa Ulumaua’e During Ulumaua’e class (ʻAuana WS special discount)
Kaulukoa Kaipukukui During Kaipukukui class (ʻAuana WS special discount)
Kaulukoa Official Official Students (ʻAuana WS&Halau/Competition WS Special Discount)


  • All Kaulukoa members receive a 10% discount off the listed price of free members, and there is a service that will have a discount rate of 20% depending on the hula class affiliation they are taking.
  • If you leave your hula class, the type of member will change. (Kaulukoa Kupua’e → Kaulukoa, etc.)
  • If you are taking more than one class, it is based on the higher level of class you are attending. (If you are taking Kupuaʻe and Ulumauaʻe→ Kaulukoa Ulumaua’e)
  • If you are a Hula class member and are an official student, it will be displayed as Kaulukoa Official uniformly.


Kaulukoa Member Benefits for Hula Class Participation

Kaulukoa members who continue to participate in intermediate or higher hula classes will receive the following additional benefits depending on the class they participate in:




ʻAuana Workshop is available at a 20% discount on the free member price.
If you are in an intermediate or higher class, you can teach your students the mele you learned at ʻAuana WS, so you can increase your repertoire as a leader.

* Those who have participated in the past but have not continued participation now are not eligible.


Register Kaulukoa Member