What are official students?

It is a system for students who are taking hula classes.

It is a system that can officially call Kumu Keliʻi as a “teacher” and transmit that he is an official student to Kumu Keliʻi on his website and SNS. You can also post photos of Kumu Keliʻi on SNS and website.

Please note that if you are not an official student, you are prohibited from performing the following acts.

❌ The act of publishing Kumu Keliʻi as a “teacher” or “mentor” without permission
(there is no problem if you just tell them that you are learning from Kumu).

❌ Posting kumu’s photos on the Internet or in publications without permission (not permitted by anyone other than official students).

This system has established such a system for the purpose of protecting Kumu Kelli’s portrait rights and because the class kumu presides over is not a Hālau organization, it is possible to mislead as “Kumuʻs certified students” by publicizing it as “teacher” just because the person is learning hula from Kumu.

There is no problem with the introduction of Kumu without misleading you that you are learning from Kumu and that you are studying under kumu, an authorized student.

It does not restrict the sharing of information that you are learning from Kumu and the teachings of Kumu, after clearly explaining that it is not the case that Kumu Hula-Hālau does not.

If you become an official student and are a student certified as Kumu Kelliʻi on your Hālau or SNS, and you want to announce Kumu Keliʻi as [Teacher], you will need to apply to the official student, and after applying, we will conduct an interview with Kumu and review whether or not you have cleared certain criteria, and decide whether or not to approve.

Link to Kaulukoa Website

You are free to link to our Kaulukoa website and encourage many people to experience Kumu’s teachings.

(However, even in that case, please refrain from posting the expression that Kumu is your teacher or post a photo of Kumu.) Please note that if such expressions or unauthorized photo posting are confirmed, legal action may be taken if it is malicious with a warning. )

If you can introduce the website, you can download and use the Kaulukoa logo below.


How to become an official student

Students who meet the following criteria can apply.

  1. Students who wish to apply must be students who are currently taking either Uluaʻe, Ulmauaʻe, or Kaipukukui classes (cannot apply if they have taken the course in the past but are currently off). )
  2. Must have participated at least 5 times in a row in Uluaʻe or Ulmauaʻe, Kaipukukui class. (If you do not attend five times in a row, you will not be able to apply.) Please complete attendance 5 times in a row before applying.)
  3. The applicant presides over The Hālau or Hula Studio and is in operation.
  4. Have held a Hālau workshop in Kumu at least once before applying.
  5. Applicants are not studying under other kumu and are willing to do their utmost to learn and perpetuate the lifestyle, hawaiian history, culture, heritage, and wisdom that have been passed down from generation to generation to Kumu Kelliʻi and his family. (In the unlikely event that the applicant is found to be studying under another Kumu Hula after the official student approval, the qualification of the official student will be revoked and you will not be able to reapply.) 
  6. Must comply with Nā Kānāwai and Nā Lula in the class. Or, if you violate the rules, reflect promptly and correct the mistake (Ho ʻoponopono).
  7. Applicants should show their respect within the class for Kumu Keliʻi’s hula style and show that they can or are making an effort to show off their skills at the level of satisfaction he admits.

The above qualification requirements will be confirmed in an interview with Kumu after the applicant applies to the official student, and approval to the official student will be decided.

Application procedure for official students

  1.  Application for official students
  2.  Interview with Kumu (ZOOM or face-to-face) about 30 minutes to 1 hour
  3.  Notice whether or not to approve application
  4.  If approved, sign the official student consent form and provide necessary documents. If disapproved, you will further develop your skills and re-challenge yourself by taking classes.


When you become an official student

    • You can post kumu’s official profile picture and profile on the website of your Hālau, Hula Studio.
    • You can publish what you are learning from Kumu at events, media, etc.
    • The Hālau or Hula Studio website will be introduced as an official student on the Kaulukoa website and a link will be set up (optional and hopeful only).
    • The official student logo (digital data) and certificate (sample below) will be distributed.
    • You can post photos taken with Kumu and photos such as WS and competition WS in Hālau that you preside over on blogs, websites, SNS, etc. (Prior confirmation of posted photos by Kumu is required.)
    • Hālau WS and Competition WS can be held at official student prices (10% discount from Kaulukoa member price). It is mandatory to hold at least once a year, but all students belonging to Hālau are not compulsory and can be held at any time with a minimum of 10 or more people.
    • Every year, you will receive a cowlcore gift. (Original goods)
    • Being an official student at Kume Keliʻi will help you tell them that you are learning more deeply as a Hula teacher and understand that you are a full-fledged Hula instructor.
    • You can ask Kumu to guide you to Hawaii with your Hālau students.


The certificate is printed on canvas cloth and framed with wood panel, so you can decorate it in Hālau Studio as it is.

Giclee printing is a high-quality and beautiful printing method that does not need to be protected by glass and is said to be durable for more than 100 years.